News Response #1

I have decided to follow the Skimm which is a website which posts the biggest news stories in a shorter format on their website and also sends out these stories by email to those who subscribe. I feel like this website reflects the shorter attention span of many people in this digital age where information is something that often needs to get relayed to people in a short amount of time. This news source allows for people interested in topics to look further into the news once they’ve read into it.

A story on the Skimm was called Fake University Sting Operation which discussed a fake University made to attract international students to enroll into their work and education program. Which they describe as a “pay to stay program” which is illegal for international students and hundreds of arrests were made on students which enrolled in the university. This fake university used a website to draw in students to the school. This use of digital media to entrap and encourage illegal proceedings in order to arrest and punish those tryin to stay in the United States definitely corresponds to the discussions in class about how digital media is an always changing thing. The intentions of digital media rests entirely in the hands of those that use them and this shows how careful those who use these technologies need to be.

Making the Website

This is the second website that I’ve made for a class on Word Press. Both of these experiences made me realize just how amazing the layout for creating blogs on tumblr is. I haven’t done much as far as customization for my blog so far except changing the header background cause I just haven’t really figured out how yet. I’ll probably end up changing my whole theme soon. I don’t really know what I want my theme to look like; I kind of just want to transport my entire tumblr theme which is awesome and Star Trek inspired¬†onto here, but oh well. I want to eventually organize the posts by tags or categories and then have a button at the top so you can get to the specific tags or categories, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to just change the whole theme. I’d also like it be more horizontally organized than vertical. Tumblr had a really big community of people that designed themes and shared them with other users, but I don’t think Word Press allows you to really create your own themes which is sad cause I think that would make creating a theme you liked so much easier.